Why should I vote for you?

  • Born leader
  • Visionary
  • Passion for people and dedication to community
  • Process improvement expert
  • Diverse interests and experiences

What is your vision for the city?

For Rowlett to maintain our "small town" community feel while continuing to grow into a robust, vibrant destination for visitors. I envision increased communication between the city and the citizens as well as the groups, organizations and businesses in Rowlett so that partnerships can be formed that will benefit everyone. I see Rowlett as a safe place because we ensure our public safety is top notch. And I see Rowlett's future as one where our children choose to live, work and raise their families. Finally, in this Rowlett I see citizens being made aware of volunteer opportunities and stepping up to help the city.

How are you going to facilitate that vision?

By continuing what we started over the last three years: implementing the revitalized comprehensive plan - the citizen centered and developed Realize Rowlett 2020; strengthening our public safety and ensuring they have the resources and tools they need; supporting our public works teams as they develop and implement new technologies to upgrade and revitalize our infrastructure; ensuring our parks and libraries are top notch and meet the needs of our citizens; and continuing to seek volunteers to serve on boards, commissions and in many other roles within the city.

What else do you bring to the table?

15 years experience in process improvement. 10 years military experience. 28 years experience working with diverse groups of people. Multiple years of volunteer experience and leadership.

What is your management style?

Hands on but not micromanagement. I know when to delegate and prefer to let the experts be the experts. I’m always open to suggestions and recommended improvements but will always stand by my principles.

What are your values?

Christian, constitutional, limited government, lower taxes and less debt.

What makes you the best candidate for the job?

My diversity of experience and ability to bring groups together to solve important issues.